Walk for Liberty


SIGN UP NOW by clicking here to join Jamie from Blount County's Smoky Mountain Tea Party Patriots and become one of the 1,000 volunteers going door-to-door in Tennessee to BEAT LAMAR! We are an independent project for hyper-engaged, highly effective grassroots activists who are working to defeat Lamar Alexander and elect the Tea Party candidate, Joe Carr, in the 2014 Tennessee Senate Republican primary.
Listen here to Nashville's #1 talk radio host, Ralph Bristol, explain why Lamar Alexander's radio commercials are highly effective-at persuading Tennesseans to vote for Joe Carr! 

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 Joe Carr at the Memphis BEAT LAMAR Town Hall                            Ann Calabria is one of our volunteers                                       Video messages for Lamar

BEAT LAMAR is a project of the Real Conservatives National Committee, an independent expenditure Super PAC based in Spring Hill, Tennessee.